21strom EULA for OpenSim Export items

By purchasing Export items from 21strom store, sold by Zuza Ritt you agree the following terms:

You are ALLOWED to use purchased items for building your builds in Kitely or any other OpenSim grid, including private non-public grids, local offline grids or any other grids run on OpenSimulator technology.

You are ALLOWED to use the purchased items for commercial builds like clubs, shops, malls etc.

You are ALLOWED to use purchased items for your avatars only. You can export it and use with different avatar names in other grid.

You are NOT ALLOWED to give away any items or part of the items to other people, to avatar who are used by other people than you or avatar who are shared by multiple real life persons.

You are NOT ALLOWED sell, give away for free or for reward, or give away as prize any of purchased items or the part of items, regardless if parts are original or modified by you. This possibility is not allowed by setting of permissions – all my items are NO TRANSFER.

You are NOT ALLOWED to make any derivative works based on purchased items by any possible way, now known or hereafter developed. Derivative work means, among other things, to take a detailed picture of my items or their parts and use it as part of your product, or any other author’s work, or to copy feature of my items, like size, prim torture, sculpties, meshes or other features and make a new copy based on these features.

You are ALLOWED make photos, capture an image, make videos and machinima where my items are used and displayed.

You are NOT ALLOWED to change permissions or author of any purchased items. Every permission changing of items or parts of items is violation of this EULA.

You are NOT ALLOWED to export the items outside of OpenSim grids, to desktop application or any other environment now known or hereafter developed.

You are NOT ALLOWED to use any purchased items or their parts in any grid, world, game, medium, software, hardware, formula or product owned or partially owned by Linden Lab Inc. in any format now known or hereafter developed.

You are NOT ALLOWED to purchase any item made by Zuza Ritt or sold by 21strom store in any OpenSim grid or online e-shop intended for OpenSim grids, if you are or you will be the employee of Linden Lab Inc. If you even think about to be Linden Lab employee, do not buy my items. This rule is unlimited, worldwide and irrevocable, you cannot revoke you purchases later, you cannot be refund, you just will simply violate these terms and you will be punished for it.

If you are not sure about your intended usage, feel free to contact me
If you find any items in any grids or worlds, and you are not sure if there are genuine work by me or illegal copies, please let me know.

Thank you for your purchases and for respecting IP rights.

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