How virtual landscapes are born

This is a story how virtual landscapes at 21strom are created, from the first scratch to final landscape, where your avatar can walk and hang out with friends.

I take a pencil and paper at the start. Yeah, seriously. I know, there is a 2014:) But it still looks like most efficient way how to rez my ideas from my mind Inventory.

day1-1Oh, wait, something very important is missing!

day1-2I have got a big pile of papers on my desk, some sketches are lost somewhere down there, some of them are new and still in my mind…

There is a sweet springtime here, so the day two starts with a short walk and a camera in my hand.

day2-01That is how my neighbourhood in spring looks like… Best time for freshly minted photos of blossom cherries.

day2-02I pick up the most thick and pink trees and focus on close-up shots.

Several hours later first trees are born in my home local grid. Grass and trunk textures are good, but the blossoms…day2-1
Ugly, isn’t it? :)
Right time for pure digital art. Sometimes trees are most “photorealistic” when they are made digitally:)

day2-3Better now, but I need more plausible colors. Spring soft gently colors for sensitive ladies:)

day2-2And vivid red for lovers. Yeah, I admit, I watch Intelligence series:)

My work place could look messy, but it is organized creative universe!

Usually I complete the landscapes at my local OpenSim grid and distribute it by OAR file to other grids, but this time I will try to complete it in Kitely. I expect it will be a lot of work to make all the variations, and in Kitely I can insert finished items straight away from Inventory to Kitely Market. Moreover, I had no previous problem with backuping all the region at Kitely, so I can take it from there and import into my home local grid.

Floor with 6 colors of landscapes, every color in 12 variations. Cherry orchard in the sky:)

final-kitely1Sky floors for making snapshots of landscapes and solitaire trees.


How virtual landscapes are born

Sample of landscapes at 21strom in Kitely region, everybody can walk through landscapes before purchase. Or just walk and enjoy it, region is open for everyone.


In few days I made 72 mesh landscapes and 18 mesh trees.
I also made 262 snapshots in virtual world and processed it into 167 pictures.
All the work, including 3D files, all graphic files and all snapshots have 3,40 GB on my harddisk.

Finally there are 7 products at Kitely Market, with plenty of variations, most of them exportable into hypergrid.
You can enjoy landscapes at 21strom in Kitely or at 21strom in Metropolis.



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